Bart’s Bagel Recipe

As a rookie cook and baker, it drives me crazy when recipes use jargon and leave out steps that they think are "obvious." So, I have written up, in a step-by-step way, how I make bagels from scratch. My method is based on a Washington Post recipe that I modified. Some of the text below... Continue Reading →

Promoting every student to the next grade during COVID is a disaster waiting to happen. Here’s what schools should consider instead.

Education Week’s Sarah Schwartz has an interesting new article out that discusses “Why Schools Are Not Holding Students Back to Address COVID-19 Learning Loss.”In it she notes that at least 84% of school districts plan to promote all students to the next grade despite the pandemic interrupting their education to a degree that is unprecedented... Continue Reading →

Book Club Blog Post: Flatland

Back in 2009, after the Book Club read Flatland I wrote a blog post that was deleted after we sold the company. Today I found a copy of that post thanks to the "Wayback Machine" that archives the internet. Here is that post in its unaltered entirety. This month’s Book Club pick was... Continue Reading →

What is Quantum Non-Locality?

In order to properly review Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity: Metaphysical Intimations of Modern Physics by Tim Maudlin, I need to introduce you to a concept called nonlocality.   Nonlocality is one of the three most mind-blowing concepts I have ever contemplated. It frequently keeps me up at night, wondering what it really means. In a previous... Continue Reading →

Why blog, and why here?

Why would I spend money to buy a domain for blogging when social media platforms such as Medium, LinkedIn, and Facebook make it free and easy for me to post my thoughts and ideas in those places? Because I would like to see the arts of conversation, persuasion, and logical reasoning flourish in a place... Continue Reading →

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